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Happy Beans Roaster’s Light Roast Whole Bean Coffees – a rotating selection of Colombian Medium Roast, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (YirgZ), Rwandan Regular (details about the beans are below).

Because we buy our beans directly from farms and farming cooperatives, the price will vary based on the bean and market conditions.

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medium-roasted beans

This is a Happy Beans Roaster selection of Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffees delivered to you at the schedule you choose, typically every two weeks or every four weeks, but at the frequency that works best for you.

After roasting, coffee beans stay fresh for 2-3 weeks. Try not to buy more than you can drink in that period. (And for best flavor, grind just before you’re ready to brew.)

Medium roasts try and strike a balance between the fruit-forward taste of light roasts and the body of darker roasts.

The coffees you’ll receive medium roasted are: Colombian Medium Roast, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (YirgZ), Rwandan Regular. Because we buy our beans directly from farms and farming cooperatives, the price will vary based on the bean and market conditions.

Colombian Medium Roast is farmed in the high elevations of Colombia. As a rule, the higher the elevation the better the coffee, because the plants have to work harder to get to ripeness, the length of the process gives the coffee fruit more character. The Colombian Medium Roast coffee is smooth and balanced with a nutty finish.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (YirgZ) Happy Beans Roaster’s YirgZ is grown in the small, but fertile southern, near-equatorial climate of Yirgacheffe, a region noted for its highly-prized beans. YirgZ is unique, bringing the classic Yirgacheffe taste profile to the next level, because our process permits zero defects (commodity-grade beans can have up to 23 defects per sample).

YirgZ is rigorously sorted in a process that mechanically sorts only for size and density after which the beans are carefully hand-sorted in a process that takes three times longer than conventional coffee (conventional beans are all mechanically sorted).

The coffee is bright and medium-bodied with distinct aromatic floral notes. It has an intense and complex flavor, balanced acidity and a satisfying, flavorful finish.

Rwandan is a delightful, shade-grown, high-quality coffee grown in the nation’s volcanic-soil mountains. Happy Beans’ roast yields a complex aroma with floral notes; full bodied on the palette with low acidity and mild citrus.

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to subscribe today to Happy Beans Roaster’s Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffees.

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