Who We Are

Coffee, first experienced through smell, standing on a street outside my high school in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, meaning a new flower in Amharic, the principal language of Ethiopian. That was many years ago. The smell, as it was explained to me, was coming from a coffee roastery. All this was new to me; that roastery was about two miles away from my high school. The smell of the coffee was blown by the wind coming in my direction.
That smell of fresh roasted coffee was like invigorating elixir. From thereon I began to drink café au lait, coffee with steamed milk. My love for a good cup of coffee has not wavered. From roasting in a kitchen pan many years ago, to roasting with a fluid bed roaster, in small individualized batches, the quest for high quality is ongoing.

Coffee has two species; Arabica, grown in high altitudes, harvested by hand, one bean at a time. Robusta beans grow at lower elevations, have a higher yield, and grow faster. These have less refined characteristics and less flavor.
Our coffees are 100% Arabica, all grown at high altitudes of 1200-2100 meters (3937-6889 feet)above sea level. Our freshly roasted coffee is roasted regularly, and shipped within two business days. Freshly roasted coffee has to de-gas as it contains carbon dioxide, which may make a freshly sealed coffee bag expand and pop open.

Our Green Coffee Beans Ethics: to purchase from a supplier committed to improving farmers' and suppliers' livelihoods. The farmers and suppliers are paid a higher price, two to three times more, for some of the best quality coffee beans they have worked so hard to deliver to the market. The coffee grown by these farmers, is grown and processed with environmentally, and socially responsible process. It is natural or organic.


Coffee is a labor-intensive product. With great care put in to produce a cup of excellence, we believe that it deserves to be shared, and to that end we strive to roast and offer to our customers outstanding coffee. Our code of ethics is , offer people what you would expect to be offered, excellence. We believe in transparency; therefore, we trust that you will judge our coffee with an open and truthful mind. It is a challenge to make a great product for all people, but nothing short of excellence will be offered. Our goal is to build relationships with the people we roast for.

Below is an example of four tasting characteristics of fresh roasted coffee:

Aroma is the way a coffee smells, directly related to its flavor. It can be floral, fruity, spicy,...also, it can be dry or wet aroma. Flavor is the way a coffee tastes. It can be chocolate, fruit, such as berry, citrus, honey, cocoa,... Body is the way a coffee feels on your tongue, such as full bodied, medium, or light. Acidity is a characteristic felt on the sides and tip of your tongue.