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We ship freshly roasted coffee, each bag is 1lb (16oz), and 12oz for Wush Wush.Thank you for supporting our small business.

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At Happy Beans Roaster LLC, we are committed to providing our buyers some of the best freshly roasted coffee available at a great price.

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Great taste, wonderful aromas, rich flavors, all hand-picked Arabica coffee beans; naturally, organically, sustainably grown, and fair-trade. Purchased with social responsibility mind.

Coffee has two species; Arabica, grown in high altitudes, harvested by hand, one bean at a time. Robusta beans grow at lower elevations, have a higher yield, and grow faster. These have less refined characteristics, less flavor, and more caffeine content.
Our coffees are 100% Arabica, all grown at high altitudes of 1200-2100 meters (3937-6889 feet)above sea level. Freshly roasted coffee: during roasting, gases form inside the coffee bean, and those gases begin to seep out from when the coffee is left to cool off, to a few days after. However, the longer coffee is exposed to air, the faster it loses its aromas, and flavor. It is best preserved in an air tight container, or bag that has a one way valve.



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